lise-83 (lise_83) wrote in rk_italia,

Resoconto di una fan con kris alla premier di RM

C'è da dire che queste due hanno un...una fortuna non indifferente( per non dire altro)

I was no fan of her .. I traveled from Puerto Rico to a friend's house to see the premiere of Remember Me in New York to see Rob because I'm a fan of him since Harry Potter. When cold, hunger and other .. a picture with him was impossible.

But amid the chaos, Kristen goes to where I was with my friend, she behaved like a goddess is beautiful and sweet. We took pictures with her and said he had come from Puerto Rico, and was told "wow! That exciting! I'm sorry for Rob."

She leaves and the next minute, a lady comes and tells us Kristen Stewart sent us a message, said it was a pleasure to know us. The memories were two tickets to the premiere, I even got my picture and image of the ticket!

By entering and she was sitting next to Rob and looked very cute .. I am witness to Robsten! and wish them every happiness, because they are two great people! I hope to get my picture with Rob in June, but still have the best experience of the world .. and I'm proud to say that I am the biggest fan in Puerto Rico that Kristen Stewart has!

Tags: !kristen stewart, !robert pattinson, .fan account: kris, .fan account: rob&kris, .promozione: remember me
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